As a long standing member of the construction community, Metalmaster Roofmaster is keenly aware of the significant and increasing liability concerns companies face and we share those concerns. Our commitment to safety which is always our top priority.

Metalmaster Roofmaster employs a full time safety director and safety team in addition to outside safety consultants who work in conjunction with our safety team to insure a safe work environment for our employees and customers. All of our employees are consistently trained on applicable safety rules and regulations and on the most safe and effective operating procedures. Every project, large or small, has a custom safety plan set in place.

Metalmaster Roofmaster has an exceptionally low Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Rate which is well below the industry standard. We are current and compliant with all applicable state and federal safety regulations, and in good standing with OSHA. The end result is that you can feel comfortable knowing that the work on your project will be performed safely.