“Metalmaster Roofmaster is doing an excellent job for us with the Metrolink project. Probably the best install of TPO roofing I have seen in my entire career. The safety director makes regular visits. The crew cleans up on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to get bids from them on future projects.”
– Brian Olson, Project Superintendent of Bush Construction Company, Inc.

“Kudos for a job well done at the Metrolink TMF project thus far. It’s always a pleasure to receive a little good news once in a while so thought I’d pass this along to you to share with your team. Look forward to a successful completion of the project. Again, thank you for your efforts.”
– Tom Quinn, CPE, Project Manager of Bush Construction Company, Inc.

“I wanted to say I truly appreciated receiving the e-mail below especially from the testing company. I appreciate you keeping your word to me on the execution of the project. Thanks for the hard work!”
– Todd Scharbert, Project Manager of International Contractors, Inc.

“At first, I was concerned about this process but, I am familiar with Metalmaster Roofmaster’s work. They have done several jobs near my home and those facilities look great.”
– Rick Harris, Leed AP/ Project Manager of Harris Architects, Inc.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note and compliment you and your company! You have stepped up with manpower to get the work on the south side of building B completed. Keep up the Great work! Thanks again.”
– Daniel Tannhauser, Vice President of Mechanical Concepts of Illinois

“Fed Corp asked me to recommend a few subcontractors to them. I gave them your phone numbers. Good luck.”
– Frank Hughes of Bridgewater Construction Management, Inc.

“You and your colleagues have done such a masterful job of creating our new facility—literally from the ground up. Words like: stunning, dazzling, friendly, inviting and fun have all been used to describe the new campus. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge your attention to detail and your workmanship. It is being admired now and it will continue to be admired for generations to come. I thank you on behalf of the schools’ communities and especially on behalf of our present and future students.”
– Timothy T. Shannon, Chief Development Officer of Hyde Park Day School, Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School and Leslie Shankman School Corporation

“Thanks again for your help and persistence on this opportunity. I really like how professional your firm has been through this process even though we have been delayed with our response time!”
– Odeh Akkawi, Owner of Volo Retail, LLC

“The roof system installation at the Sam’s Club in Romeoville continues to impress every representative that sets foot on the roof. This is a mechanically fastened roof with no wrinkle in sight. Very Impressive!!!”
– Justin Jefferis, Field Engineer of Terracon Consultants, Inc.

“I wanted to say I truly appreciated receiving the e-mail especially from the testing company. I appreciate you keeping your word to me on the execution of the project. Thanks for the hard work!”
– Todd Scharbert, Project Manager of Terracon Consultants, Inc.

“Metalmaster Roofmaster is putting on a clinic for roofing in Romeoville. They are following specs including relaxing the membrane and it looks fabulous! It is also 100% as they go.”
– Jim Lamb, Project Manager of Terracon Consultants, Inc.

“Greatest job ever… We will be getting a rave review of performance… You guys performed very well for us and the Navy is pleased.”
– Scott T. Sauline, Project Manager of Pacific Construction Services

“I have never worked with a contractor that has more integrity, professionalism and commitment to excellence than Metalmaster Roofmaster. They have always gone above and beyond the call of duty! Throughout the project they provided value-added engineering solutions, never compromised on quality, and always provided the most competitive pricing. All of that to say, I would never consider using any other company for sheet metal and roofing needs!”
– Pastor Gregory Dickow, Life Changers International Church

“Metalmaster Roofmaster provides complete workmanship, quality, and job management for all roofing needs. Great Company!”
– Dominick’s Finer Foods

“Excellent workmanship – fast, concerned with details and priced right!”
– Home Depot

“After many attempts by others to correct leaks, Metalmaster Roofmaster did an inspection, made recommendations, corrected many problems. Very courteous and professional!”
– Willow Creek Church

“Metalmaster Roofmaster’s performance on the project was top-rate. In addition to competitive pricing, they provided meaningful value-engineering alternatives.”
– Holiday Inn O’Hare

“The people at Metalmaster Roofmaster are good to work with and the installation was done in a timely and professional manner.”
– Calvary Church