Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do You Repair All Commercial & Industrial Roofing and Metal Wall Panel Systems?

A. Yes! We have an experienced team of roofing professionals that are qualified to repair all commercial and industrial roofing and metal wall panel systems.

Q. Why should I get a roof inspection for my business?

A. To proactively identify potential issues before they become larger and more costly and unwanted expenses.

Q. Why should I sign up for the Service Maintenance Agreement?

A. Having your roof inspected routinely will extend the life of your roof system, and will help to prevent unexpected emergency service calls resulting in costly repairs. The idea is to make small, planned investments over time to avoid big or unplanned emergency repair expenses later.

Q. What can I do to maintain the integrity of my commercial roof?

A. Roof inspections and preventative maintenance are recommended by all roof system manufacturers, and will protect your roof system’s warranty coverage. Roofing systems require regular service and maintenance throughout the year, as a result of daily and seasonal exposure to harsh elements and/or unrecognized damages. The integrity of your roof system is only as strong as it’s weakest point. Regular service, maintenance and repair of visually recognized roof issues can extend the life expectancy of your roof system investment.

Q. My roof is leaking, what should I do?

A. Call us! Our Service Technicians will investigate the leak and present you with the best recommendation to fix your roofing issues.

Q. I do not have any visible damage to my roof, do I still need to schedule regular roof inspections?

A. Yes! By scheduling regular roof inspections, we can locate damages and/or other problem areas that may not be visible at first glance, or without a visual inspection. We can identify and perform routine maintenance on the area(s) of the roof that are most vulnerable due to the design, construction, and/or exposure to the elements, or traffic. Maintaining these areas will assist in extending the life expectancy of your roof system investment.

Q. What repair and maintenance services do you offer?

A. Our experienced Service Technicians can repair, service, and provide maintenance for your metal roof systems, flat roof systems, metal wall panel applications, composite panel applications, premanufactured building skin installations, and more! Call us today to schedule your roof and/or metal panel inspection options.

Q. How much will the repairs cost?

A. Your service and maintenance costs depend on the severity of the repairs needed at the time of inspection. Typical service costs of a roof system that is under proper maintenance are relatively minor in nature throughout the term of its warranty. If the repair is found to be larger than anticipated (which can be found when a roof system is not being maintained property), we will provide you with a comprehensive quote. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information regarding your roofing system, to help you make the best decision possible based on the condition of your roof system application.

Q. My roof is old, should I repair it, or replace it?

A. It truly depends on the roof system’s condition at the time of inspection. Just because the roof is old does not mean that a roof system replacement or thorough renovation is warranted immediately. Incorporating consistent service and maintenance of your roofing system application properly can extend the life expectancy and quality of your roof system application until a roof replacement or renovation is necessary.

Q. What if I don’t have a warranty on my roof?

A. No worries! We are here to assist you in reducing the potential for water infiltration, as well as assist you in obtaining and extending the valuable remaining life expectancy of your roofing system through proper service and maintenance of your roofing system application.

Q. Will a service and maintenance program prolong the roof or metal wall panel life expectancy?

A. Yes! Preventative maintenance and proactively making repairs are essential to extending the useful life of all roof and metal wall panel system applications.